Kylene Gerideau-Grant

Hello My Name Is...

Bobcat Pride
Kylene Gerideau-Grant

Welcome to Business & Information Management Education at "The Hill." I am currently teaching Digital Literacy and Digital Desktop Publishing.  I enjoy reading, dancing and eating seafood in my spare time.  I do believe that "To whom much is given, much is required."  I give my students my all when I am teaching them and I expect them to give me their all when they come to my class.  I know they are capable of achieving success in their lives and I look forward to many stories to come about all they have done in their lives. My only hope is that they come back to Baptist Hill one day to help others who come behind them.   

Again, I am happy to be here at Baptist Hill Middle High School and I know this will be FABULOUS year in the Career & Technology Department. GO BOBCATS!!!

Phone: (843) 889-2276 ext. 28520