Stacey Mobley


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Hello, this is my first year teaching at Baptist Hill Middle High School. My husband and I moved from Greenville, SC this past May. We will be building our house on Edisto Island. 

I hope your son/daughter will have a successful school year. Sixth grade brings a lot of new experiences and some surprises for the newest members of Baptist Hill. The sixth grade team is working hard to make 2016-2017 school year successful.

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Phone: (843) 889-2276 Ext. 171


This Week's Updates & Assignments

Week of Nov. 7 - Nov. 11
Students have been studying how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals. We will working on an in-class project teaching them how to look at a menu and order food, how to find how much tax is added, and how much tip should we leave.

Next week, students will be using their skills of working with decimals to plan a party using real-world context.