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Relax and read.

relax and read

Summer Readers Roll Call (Excellent Effort for those who participated in the Charleston County Library's Summer Reading Program:


  1. Finley MacDonald           Way to go, Bobcat Family Readers!


  1.  Drew Crowley
  2. Jamaal Fields
  3. Jamaani Fields 
  4. X'Zavier Fields
  5. Jayden Gadsden
  6. Georgia Lyles
  7. Grace Doctor
  8. Joseph Arthur
  9. Kearsten Chander
  10. Londyn Amyuni
  11. Clair Rivers                     Way to go, Bobcat Family Readers!                                                                                                                                                                                                 Teens 
  1.   Aiden Bailey
  2.   Winter Barnwell
  3.    Bria Brown
  4.    Alana Foster
  5.    Ja'Quan Gathers
  6.    Destiny Gordon
  7.    Zion Gordon
  8.    Grace Doctor
  9.    Faith Grampus
  10.    Bryant Martinez-Hernandez
  11.    Nykara Heyward
  12.    Cincere Holmes
  13.    Pedro Leal Gallegos
  14.    Adrian Lowman
  15.    Emily Maldonado Hernandez
  16.    Bryant Martinez
  17.    Mollye Snow
  18.    Shontae Moultrie
  19.    Sierra Moultrie
  20.    NyKara Heyward
  21.    Aliyah Pate
  22.    Lashanda Burnell
  23.    Rainey Kapeluck
  24.    Ashley Sanders-Lowe
  25.    Kellise Singleton
  26.    Chelsea Swinton
  27.    Isis Watson
  28.    Mahogany Youngblood
  29.    Acierto Reymar
  30.    Matthew Earp
  31.    Rachel Farmer
  32.    Morgan Hart
  33.    Umbraeyah Jenkins
  34.    Julia Jester
  35.    Caitlin Lamb
  36.    Lukey Sutherland
  37.    Cerdic McDonald
  38.    Shaun Middleton
  39.    Connor Platte
  40.    Paige Poremski
  41.    Jack Lindsay
  42.    Jane Mason
  43.    Mollye Stone
  44.    Nick Tuck
  45.    Tucker Lindsay 
  46.    Xavier McKelvey
  47.    Ja'Mya Ruth
  48.    Sawyer West
  49.    Emma Young
  50.    Anonymous Quick Add User   Way to go, Bobcat Middle and High School! 
  1.    Ms. Burgess
  2.    Mr. Nuccio
  3.    Ms. Burke
  4.    Ms. LaMunion
  5.    Ms. Allegood            Way to go, Bobcat Teachers!                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ms. Burgess read over 300 books!                                                    happy dance




Here are some suggestions for what is good to read now:  

2018 Resources for Middle and High 

PLUS +, enjoy these audio books now and this summer FREE!:




Do you have children in your family ages birth to fifth grade and you live in the following areas? 

Adams Run (zip code 29426)
Edisto (zip code 29438)
Hollywood-Meggett-Yonges Island (zip code (29449)
Ravenel (zip code 29470)

If so, contact 

Begin with Books
P. O  Box 183

Charleston, SC  29402

for an application form for FREE BOOKS!

You can also contact Ms. Allegood for help at 843-889-2276 ext. 28525




Free e-books from Simon & Schuster
(Click Here)


CLASSES OF THE WEEK:   This week my Google class for the library wins the "Class of the Week" honor for having given such an excellent effort and outcome on our summer reading progress.  Data shows 1 great one-year-old listener, eleven great "little" brothers and sisters in grades prek - 5 reading, 50 great teens, and five teachers participated in the Charleston County Library Summer Reading Program online.  Ms. Burgess read over 300 books!


Roll Call for Summer Readers who made us proud:


More information at

Also, you can find more help at:!digcit/co5t