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I am Ms. Marston, and I am excited to be teaching science to your scholars! I received my Bachelor's Degree from Winthrop University (Go Eagles!). Some of my favorite things to do include listening to music, singing, dancing, reading, and laughing. I like to have fun, so it is my goal to make Science fun, exciting, and interesting! This school year, we will cover all the basics and lay the foundation for years to come in science. We will cover the diversity of life in plants and animals, the Earth's climate with weather,  and the conservation and use of energy! Sounds fun, right? We are going to work hard and learn a lot, but we will enjoy science in the process! 

Welcome to Ms. Marston's Science Class!

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Phone: (843)889-2277 ext. 28538

Office Hours: Thurs 2:30pm-3:30pm

Email Availability: Open

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