Charles Wilson


I am Charles Wilson, the high school self-contained teacher here at the "Hill." I teach ELA, Math, pro-social skills, employability skills and transition. Not only do I believe in teaching and mastering the academic skills necessary to navigate life but also the skills needed to build sustaining relationships relating to both employment and personal life. Expectations are set high and we work together as a team towards the goals of excellence and success!

Contact Information


Phone: (843) 889-2276 Ext.130

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30am-2:30pm

Walkway Our awesome students installed a stone walkway for our teachers as a community service project!

The Dewberry
An awesome transition trip to the The Dewberry Hotel 2/9/17 !

Class Expectations

1.Quietly enter the room and sit in your seat.
2.Bring pencils and supplies to class.
3.Remain in your seat unless you ask permission.
4.Cell phones and headphones MUST be silent and put away unless being used for instructional purposes.
5.Raise your hand if you need to speak. Always be respectful and polite to other students and staff.
6.Bathroom breaks, drinks or any other types of personal issues must be done in between classes. 
7.No profanity or abusive/ aggressive language
8.Do your best!