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Mrs. Bronk-Lutz's classes including:
Yearbook I&II
English II Honors
English II College Prep

Anna H. Bronk-Lutz is in her twelth year of high school teaching. She began her teaching career at Berkeley High School in Moncks Corner and then went on to teach at the Charleston County School of the Arts in North Charleston. She has taught English and English electives to students in grades 9-12. She has taught American Literature, World Literature, British Literature, Broadcast Journalism, Yearbook, Speech, and Theatre during her career thus far. She has also served as a homebound teacher. At SOA, she was named the school's Teacher of the Year for 2008-2009 and was named the Runner Up for the Districtwide Teacher of the Year honor that same year. She has a BA in Radio/Television Programming, Performance, & Production from Ashland University, a BA in Communication Arts from the University of West Florida, and a MAT in Secondary English from The Citadel. She is a "Top Talent" teacher at Baptist Hill High School and has the Gifted & Talented endorsement on her teaching certificate. Before becoming an educator, she worked for ten years as a broadcast journalist working as an anchor, reporter, producer, videographer, and editor for ABC, NBC, FOX, and CNN affiliates. In addition, she has been an Aquatics Director and swim coach. She is an American Red Cross certified Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard Instructor and teaches aquatics and emergency safety related classes in the community.


Classes taught/bell schedule:

 Homeroom: hr 7:00am-7:20am
1st block: planning 7:25am-8:50am
Cafe: 8:50am-9:05am
2nd block: 9:10am-10:40pm Yearbook I&II
3rd block: 10:45am-12:15pm English II College Prep
Lunch: 12:20pm-12:50pm

4th block: 12:55PM-2:25pm English II College Prep

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Need help? Have Questions? Just contact me at...


Phone: (843) 889-2276 ext.28551

Office Hours: Friday afternoons by appointment 2:25pm-3:30pm

Tutoring (when school holds school-wide afternoon sessions): Thursdays 2:25pm-3:45pm

Learn 360 research: How do I do it?

Here's how:
1. Go to Clever
2. Click on the Learn 360 icon
3. Go to the search bar
4. Type in the key word search in the window
5. Click on the video link results
6. Click on the video start button
7. You can adjust the playback speed
8. You can click on the citation tool to see how to cite the video
9. You can share the video to your email
10. You can turn on the closed captioning CC to see the written words

*Remember to bring your headphones to listen to the video

myON Research: How do I do it?

Please use myON to locate, check out, read, and annotate 3 digital books. 

Here's how:
1. Go to Clever
2. Click on myON icon
3. Go to library (book icon)
4. Go to search window (purple magnifying icon)
5. Type in key word search 
6. Click on digital book
7. Click on Add to list (red heart in box icon)
8. Click on green bar (book icon)
9. Click on star for favorites 
10. Look at Lexile level, publisher of book, audio time of book, and page count of book
11. Click on the annotation tools on the tool bar at the bottom 
12. Click on the highlighter pen to highlight portion of the text
13. Click on the sticky notes and type in electronic sticky notes
14. Click on journal to leave your ideas
15. Click on shapes to leave an annotation shape

*Remember to bring your headphones to listen to the audio book



English Department Grading:
Grades are calculated in the following manner:


Students can access the library databases at school by:
1. Going to the CCSD bridge screen on the school computers
2. Enter username & password
3. Go to the portal icon on the desktop (looks like 2 chains linked) and click on it
4. Go to
5. Go to "Clever"
6. Go to "Mackinvia"
7. Go to "Database"
8. Select a database from the numerous ones offered

Students can get into Achieve 3000 and No Red Ink at school by:
1. Going to the CCSD bridge screen on the school computers
2. Enter username & password
3. Go to the portal icon on the desktop (looks like 2 chains linked together) and click on it
4. Go to
5. Go to "Clever"
6. Go to "Achieve 3000" or "No Red Ink"

How do I get to BrainPop?
1. go to CCSD Portal and enter your username and password
2. go to Clever
3. Click on BrainPop Jr. icon (girl with glasses & robot)
4. Scroll to the bottom and click on BrainPop icon (boy with brown hair)
5. Click on "My BrainPop" on the black bar
6. Click on your assignment(s)




MackinVIA Research: How do I do it?

Here's how to do research with this tool:

*You can search for topics in the following categories: resources, databases, ebooks, categories, audiobooks, videos, and links tabs

1. Go to Clever
2. Click on MackinVIA icon
3. Go to all resources (A-Z list/blue tab)
4. Go to search window 
5. Search resources with a key word search (magnifying glass icon)
6. Hit enter
6. Click on the Open Now button to read the source
7. Hit the arrows to scroll forward & backwards thru source
8. Hit the magnifying icon to go back to the menu
9. Ht green notebook icon to add notes, highlights, & bookmarks to the source
10. hit table of contents
11. Look at book info for title, author, publisher, date of publication, and annotation
12. Go to the search tab and look for key search terms
13. Go to purple citations tool to get citation info (should choose MLA8)
14. Add to favorites
15. Check out

1. Go to Clever 
2. Go to MackinVIA
3. Go to databases
4. Go to search bar
5. Type in key word search
4. Hit enter & show results
6. Click on desired item result
7. Open the article & read it
8. You can email yourself the article with the forward icon
9. You can make the article be saved in your favorites
10. You can use the citation tool (arrow in a box icon)
11. You can click on the listen microphone button to have the article read to you (bring your own headphones)
12. You can also search by images & videos for more related article material