8th Grade English and English 1 Honors

Welcome to my website.  This site is intended to be a resource for the students in my 8th grade English and English I Honors classes at Baptist Hill Middle High School.


Language Arts Grade 8 and English I Honors  

Mr. Stallings

Room 123



Class Content:

Reading:  Throughout the year we will be reading and discussing various novels, short stories, plays, and poems.  The procedure for completing the works is as follows: 

  1. Reading for homework/classwork
  2. Daily discussions 
  3. Major Writing Assignments / Quizzes
  4. Projects
  5. Essays 
  6. Tests

It is very important that you READ each assignment.  If you do not understand the material, the class discussion will help.  We will also focus on improving writing skills, reading comprehension, and higher order thinking skills.  Another main area of the class will be vocabulary, particularly how to utilize new words in verbal and written contexts. 

Class Preparation:
You need to bring the following materials to class EVERY DAY:

  1. A pencil and Pen (Blue or Black Ink only)
  2. A 3 ring binder just for English!!!!!!!
  3. Lined paper
  4. Writing Journal


  1. Assignments will typically be a reading or writing activity.  It will be collected the next day at the beginning of the period.
  2. If you were in class the day homework was assigned, but forgot it (or didn’t do it), your grade will be a zero.  You can not hand in late homework for reduced points.
  3. It is your responsibility to make up tests, quizzes and homework that you missed!
  4. If you lose your rubric, I will supply you with another, but I will also deduct two points from the assignment or test.

Closing Remarks:

I am looking forward to a wonderful school year.  You should be too!  If you are struggling with class content, please come see me for extra help.  Through our class, I hope to inspire, encourage, and empower all of you.  We will be reading many important and interesting works throughout the year.  If you come prepared and work hard, you will learn a great deal.  You might even have fun in the process; yes, in English class!  Make the most of this year in English class by trying your best and coming to class with a positive attitude.