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March is Women's History Month.  

Join the excitement of helping to select the new SC Book Award books for the Junior and the Young Adult categories.  Just read at least three books from a category, and you may have one vote in that category.  The two categories that are available to read and to vote on at Baptist Hill are the Junior or Middle School category and the Young Adult or High School Category.  The book award nominees to read are found in the library on display or in Mackinvia under groups on the left menu.  Enjoy!  Voting will be due on the March 1.

*****New books from CCSD are now in Mackinvia and Myon!  Check them out! 
Find these digital library books and more by going into my portal and clicking on CleverMy portal is a button on your desktop on the school network, or outside of school it can be found at this website:
Find your GALE reference digital books in Clever, along with your Myon and other digital library booksGALE is now in Mackinvia in the database section on the left menu, as is DISCUS and other useful homework tools (you can find Brainpop in this place, also).  The new SC Book Award books are found in Mackinvia under groups in the left menu.  You can search for other books or browse the categories section.

You can also find other blended learning apps. in Clever for practice in your other content areas.  You can find Achieve 3000, Algebra Nation, No Red Ink and more in Clever also.

Relax and read.

relax and read






Here are some suggestions for what is good to read now:  

2018 Resources for Middle and High 

PLUS +, enjoy these audio books now and this summer FREE!:




Do you have children in your family ages birth to fifth grade and you live in the following areas? 

Adams Run (zip code 29426)
Edisto (zip code 29438)
Hollywood-Meggett-Yonges Island (zip code (29449)
Ravenel (zip code 29470)

If so, contact 

Begin with Books
P. O  Box 183

Charleston, SC  29402

for an application form for FREE BOOKS!

You can also contact Ms. Allegood for help at 843-889-2276 ext. 28525




Free e-books from Simon & Schuster
(Click Here)


CLASSES OF THE WEEK:   Mr. Jones' eighth grade classes studied weathering and erosion in the library and the library lab today.  It was such a joy to see them learning in a fun way!  They helped each other and worked together.  They are my class of the week because of this accomplishment!  (It's Tuesday, January 29th).


Roll Call for Summer Readers who made us proud:


More information at

Also, you can find more help at:!digcit/co5t