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Hello!  My name is Ms. Evans Allegood.  I am the Teacher Librarian at Baptist Hill Middle High School.  I teach grades 6-12.  I teach an open schedule in the library with print and non-print, digital resources where classes come to read, check out books or conduct research.  I have a flexible schedule in the library lab, connected to the library.  There are meeting areas in the library for students, teachers and parents.  The library is open Monday through Friday.  The hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., except for Wednesdays, when the hours are 7 am. to 2:10 p.m.  Welcome to the Bobcat Library!


Go to and login to access Clever apps., including the Q app., or Destiny Quest, in which you will find our library catalog.

TEACHERS:  for professional development opportunities, CLICK HERE.  These are brought to you by Mr. James Bryan.                                                                                               

Gale reference resource e-books:  To access and use the Gale reference resource digital books. simply use Clever.  Log into myportal using the button on your desktop at school or this website at home:  Use the same username and password for myportal that you use when you log on to the computer at school at the bridge screen.  SC Discus is found in Clever, and the Gale resources are found in the databases of Mackinvia (use the menu on the left once you are in). 

Also in CLEVER:  Destiny Quest (the big Q) is the app. where you find your library catalog,  Myon and Mackinvia are the apps. where you find your digital library books, including NEW books for the summer! 

Find great graphic novels and classics and other great books in MYON to read, plus games and interactives at the end of the books.  Did you know that MACKINVIA has 419 graphic novels?  Just keyword search graphic novel.

Find the new SC Book Award nominees and other great books to read in Mackinvia.  I put the book award nominees under groups for you (look on the left menu in red).  They are listed by different years and levels, and you just click on the one you want.

You can also find other great apps in CLEVER that you can use to learn on your own to support your own learning and classes.  You can find Achieve 3000, Algebra Nation, I-Ready, NoRed Ink, for example.

Ms. Mustafaa's class gets class of the month for September for scheduling time in the library to work on resources related to Native Americans, Sitting Bull and Lakota Sioux enhancing their study of the book entitled A Boy Called Slow.

  College Bound!                        

Library Cards at Charleston County Public Libraries are available free throughout the year.  I want to help every student have a FREE library card!  
 September was library card month.  Of course it's now October, but you can apply for a library card free anytime because you live in Charleston County at                              

The only requirement for a library card is that you live in Charleston County!  Ask me or your Charleston County Public Librarian for a free application! Or simply fill one out on their website at  As always, ask me if you need help.  Ms. Allegood

Charleston County Public Library

Winner of the YA SC Book Award for 2017-2018 is Everything Everything by Nicole Yoon.

Winner of the Junior Book Award for 2017-2018 is Code of Honor by Alan Gratz. 

2018-2019 South Carolina Book Award Nominees (click on the words).                    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

SAT WORD OF THE DAY: copious means abundant or plentiful; it is an adjective.


For questions, please e-mail Ms. Allegood at:

or telephone 843-889-2276 (ext. 141) at school or see Ms. Allegood at school.   Thank you!