Kristie McMichael

Welcome to 7th Grade World History!

 My name is Kristie McMichael and I am so excited to be a part of the Baptist Hill Family.  Here you will find upcoming due dates, assignments, monthly newsletters, and short videos that compliment the content we are studying. I love teaching and history, and I hope that I can help my students make those connections between the events of the past and what is happening in the world every day. More importantly, I love to tap into the growing awareness students have about the bigger world around them. 

This year some amazing topics we will be studying are as follows: Exploration, Founding Governments, Revolutions, The Great Depression, World Wars, and the War on Terrorism.

I grew up in the city of Philadelphia (go Eagles) and attended West Chester University where I earned a Bachelors of Science in Management. I also hold a Masters Degree in Secondary Education. I have lived in Japan for three years, Italy for two, and Germany for five. I have visited over 30 countries and still counting! The military brought me here but the southern charm and history will keep me here. 

 I have one  daughter 10 and a son 6. I also like to say I have 80 adopted children ( my AWESOME students).

My hobbies include gardening, traveling, listening to old school hip hop, snowboarding, and dining at cultural restaurants. And of course spending time with my family.

Parents, I thank you for the support. We are a team and I could not do this without you! ALL Due Dates are in the Calendar section.

"The most powerful weapon to change the world is education" Nelson Mandela

Contact Information
Kristie McMichael M.ed.
Baptist Hill Middle School
(843) 889-2276