Brent Newer

Welcome to High School Civics & US History

Semester 1: Civics. The focus of this High School Civics class is to establish a better understanding of the development and functions of the government as well as the rights and duties of citizens in the United States. Semester 2: United States History and the Constitution. The focus of United States History and the Constitution is the story of the American people from the period of the colonial settlement to the present day, including the nation’s developing role in world affairs in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Instruction in this course will include an intentional investigation into multiple perspectives of historical events, as well as, the use of primary sources, document analysis, and activities and assessments which incorporate historical thinking skills. Written argumentation using evidence from sources will be required in units of instruction. All students enrolled in US History and the Constitution will take South Carolina’s End-of-Course exam for U.S. History and Constitution at the end of the instructional period.

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